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So much ground to cover.

So much ground to cover.

Athena grips a Titan by the hair.

I owe most of what I have learned about trauma and the resilient strengths that develop as a result of working to recover and grow from trauma, from veterans.  We all owe great debts of gratitude to the sacrifices they make for the country.  But on a deeper level, there is much to learn about the human soul from the struggle of those who have borne the battle.

I’ll post soon on why I chose this picture from the frieze of the Pergamon.  That’s Athena gripping a Titan by the hair, much like war seizes the soldier.  More on that later.

Let’s begin here with your questions and ideas for topics.  Feel free to post ideas, questions, experiences or insights about your experience as a veteran and we’ll go from there.  In the meantime, these videos will be helpful.


This one is key and moves beyond the others:

Becoming Free

This is of central importance:

A Compassionate Identity

Made for the Unity Project, this one introduces some fundamental ideas:

Form the Bowl