Let’s Heal the Hurt: Intro

The Holidays are the best of time of year for many of us. But, for many others, especially those who grieve the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be particularly painful. This is the first in a series of brief videos on how you can approach your own grief during the holidays, and how to help someone else who has lost a loved one.

Here are the other videos in this series:

2.) Let’s Heal the Hurt: Love Takes a New Form

3.) Let’s Heal the Hurt: Love Takes a New Form: part 2

4.) Let’s Heal the Hurt: Helping a Loved One

5.) Let’s Heal the Hurt: Pain and Powerlessness

6.) Let’s Heal the Hurt: The Heart Opens

If you’ve weathered this before in your own life, help someone else by telling your story below. Feel free to suggest other topics for more videos in comments below or write me at letshealthehurt@gmail.com.

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