Let’s Heal the Hurt: Love Takes a New Form

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that grief is something to “get over,” as if it were a cold! Grief is finding a new form for love.

Don’t suffer needlessly! Be sure to capture the gift hidden in your own grief. The “heat” of the fire of grief has to be turned into the “light” of wisom and growth.

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  1. Josef Verba says:

    You are correct in large part and make an important point. However, grief is more then the purifying fire – it is a time machine and a journey into the relationship. That knowledge of the other who has passed as well as never passed and of oneself is the continued and lonely road of enlightenment. Punctuated by the realization of the different form and the undying love that surrounds one and transmutes one even in death, uniting everything and everyone in the sea of life. It is these brief moments of peaceful revelation that transcend the bounds of life and death, space and time and knowledge. It is in these moments that fear and loneliness do not exist.

  2. John says:

    Wonderful, Josef. Thank you.

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