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Keys to Transformation: Dynamic Unity

Keys to Transformation: Dynamic Unity

This is a video I put together a few months ago that talks about the properties of unity.  The universe organizes itself in higher and higher forms of complexity and dynamic unity. This simple law operates with people as well. Our personal potential is best unleashed in dynamic unity with others. The Unity Project:,,…Enjoy!

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Let's start with your questions

Let’s start with your questions

Be sure to refer to the information posted on the Unity Project.  You’l find the basic material is posted there.  This section is devoted to areas of interest to you.   I’m anxious to get our conversation going on resilient schools.  Let’s begin with your questions.

  • What problems are you facing in your classroom that you need help with?
  • What school culture issues do you think could benefit from a resilient skills     approach?
  • Are there specific student problems you are looking for help with?  (No names of   students, please!)
  • Do you have any great examples of student/teacher resilience you want to share?

Let’s get started with these and build our posts around your needs.