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Healing the Hurt at the Holidays: WEBINAR

Healing the Hurt at the Holidays: WEBINAR

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Healing the Hurt at the Holidays: WEBINAR

Many of you have been folIowing the discussion on Facebook, this blog and YouTube about having to cope with grief as the holidays approach.

I hope the holidays are shaping up well for you. But, the holidays can be quite difficult if you’ve lost a loved one. I’ve gotten several requests to offer some help to those who are going through a difficult time as the holidays approach. So, I’ve put this free webinar together as a place for us to meet and share strength as the holidays approach.

Grief is a pure form of love. The work of grief is to find new ways to express the love for the ones who have gone, and over time, to turn the heat of the pain of loss into the light of wisdom, kindness and compassion.

Don’t suffer the pain of the heat of grief needlessly. Join us to find the best form of that light in your own life, and invite a family member or friends who needs this help, too.

We’ll share a presentation, questions and answers and suggestions on practical steps to take to best honor those who are gone and share ways to live your life with more heart and vitality. To protect your privacy, no names of participants will be divulged. You can sit and listen and not say a word, if you’d like. It will be an audio webinar, so no video of you will be taken. You can use the speaker on your computer or use your phone as your speaker. It’s actually very easy.

When you sign up by computer you’ll placed on the participant list. You’ll get a reminder of the webinar by e-mail and a link to use to join the webinar on Thursday evening, 8:00 EST. WWhen you click on that link Thursdays evening, you’ll be asked which would you like to use, your computer or your phone. Just follow the very simple directions and you’re in!

Be sure to let me know what you’d like us to include in our discussion by e-mailing at letshealthehurt@gmail.com.

Feel free to recommend this to a family member or friend. Forward this link for them to sign up for this free webinar: Healing the Hurt at the Holidays:WEBINAR But, please hurry as space is limited by the online webinar service.

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Title: The Resilient Life: healing grief during the holidays
Date: Thursday, December 22, 2011
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 AM EST
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

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Let's Heal the Hurt: The Heart Opens

Let’s Heal the Hurt: The Heart Opens

Grief is a pure form of your love. The depth of the pain of your grief is a sign of the depth of your love for the one who is gone. So, it’s important for you to honor the pain. But, the heat of your pain must be transformed into the light of wisdom and growth. This is the work of grief.

The work of grief, the object of grief, is to harvest the fruits of your love, to allow your love to take its most refined and mature form. This means taking the best of the love you have for the one who has gone and finding new ways to express it. This begins with gratitude for the great gift of your love as well as finding an expression of this love in service to others who also hurt.

Grief forces us to live in the moment, even if that moment is painful. Gratitude is also a pure form of love. if you can find a way to be grateful for the gift of love in your life, the pain of your grief can begin to take a new form.

Over time, the pain of your love and your gratitude will cause a tenderness in your heart. In healthy grief, the pain slowly turns to kindness and compassion for the suffering of others. While it is perfectly normal to experience them in the short term, in unhealthy grief, the pain of grief turns to bitterness and alienation. Be mindful of these taking hold.

If you have found a way to work through your own grief, consider helping someone else by writing your experience here.

Let's Heal the Hurt: Helping a Loved One

Let’s Heal the Hurt: Helping a Loved One

What is helpful when we want to help a loved one who is grieving? What is a common mistake and is not helpful? This brief video begins the discussion.

This is one in a series of brief videos on healthy ways to deal with grief. Be sure to watch the other videos for the upcoming webcast that will then be archived on this website. If you have weathered the loss of a loved one, please feel free to share what you did and what you learned so you can help someone else going through the same thing now. And thanks!

Let's Heal the Hurt: Love Takes a New Form: p.2

Let’s Heal the Hurt: Love Takes a New Form: p.2

When my Mom passed away 5 years ago, I gave one of her eulogies. This video talks about the approach I used.

Grief is an opportunity to have love come to fruition. Love is always changing in form. The reasons we are attracted to someone grows into a new form when we marry. That form grows and changes when we become parents and launch careers. Throughout life, love grows and changes form. When a loved one dies, we have an opportunity to be witness to love coming to full fruition. It’s an important part of our relationship with the person we love who is no longer with us.

An important part of grief is finding a way to keep the best qualities of our loved one alive in our own life after they have gone. It’s important not to suffer the pain of grief in vain. As we said in an earlier video, we need to be sure that the heat of the pain of grief produces the light of wisdom and growth. Finding a way to keep the best of a loved one alive in our own words and acts towards others is one of the ways to do so.

I’m looking in to how to best provide a webinar next week on grief so we can explore these topcis in much more depth. These short videos are intended to get the heart and mind moving, not to be the ultimate answers to a topic as big as life (and death) itself.

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How have you seen the best of a loved one who has passed on carried forward by your acts, or the acts of someone else?